Meadow Creek Dairy

Meadow Creek Dairy is afamily fun farm in the mountains of southwest Virginia. They have been perfecting their cheese making craft since 1980 and have a special Jersey herd that produces the highest quality milk that creates full flavored, healthy and environmentally friendly cheeses.  If you combine a high elevation, great water, clean air and mineral rich soils you have the elements to produce some of the best cheese in America.  Click here to learn more about their farm, cows and their delicious cheeses.

Here are a description of just some of their cheeses.

Appalachian- A buttery, slightly sweet cheese with fruity lemon notes.

Mountaineer- A semi-hard Alpine inspired cheese with smooth supple texture.

Grayson- Similar to an Italian Taleggio or a French Livoarot. They use rich Jersey milk to creat a wonderful cheese that is rich and beefy in flavor.


Our Farmers